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Available Puppies

Labrador Retrievers & English Springer Spaniels

Prospective puppy buyers will be thoroughly vetted to ensure puppies only go to outstanding homes committed to continuing the hard work I put into training. New puppy owners will be expected to pick up where I left off with socialisation, training, raw feeding and natural care. You will have  to pass a thorough check before being considered for my puppies but once approved you will be part of the Brimbleworth family.


Puppies are raised in a home environment to ensure they are accustomed to all the hustle bustle of day to day life.  They will be socialised with our many other animals; horses, chickens, cats, sheep and dogs. They will also be meeting many people and interacting with suitable dogs that attend the training classes held on site. This will provide the puppies with a head start for socialisation, leading to well-balanced and outgoing adult dogs.

Before the puppies leave for their new homes, they will receive training such as, potty training, crate training, KONG training, lead training, manners (manding), impulse control and problem solving, as well as having many trips out in the car. This should make the transition to their new homes as smooth as possible. New owners will receive an extensive puppy pack worth over one hundred pound and support for the lifetime of your dog.


Both Labradors and Springers are a loving, but very active breed, so please ensure the breed is suitable for you and your family.

Litter of Labrador puppies available now

Snowy steffi at Rentas for brimbleworth (Kizzy)
Serengoch new country (Rascal)
Show bred litter available for reservation now, ready to leave September 12th 2022. All black litter, 6 females and 5 males. Both parents health tested and have wonderful temperaments.This litter will be suitable for AD and family pets.

Upcoming Litters

C G  May 24th 22-7406-ZF-4715-04496-1-001-004_edited.jpg
Steelhouse Azalea of Brimbleworth (Penny)
Sire to be confirmed
Working bred litter planned for Summer 2022, please apply for for a puppy from this planned litter by filling in the form above. Puppies will be docked. This litter will only be available to working or active homes.