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Top quality dogs raised to the highest of standards


Labrador Retrievers & English Springer Spaniels


Labradors Now Available

Brimbleworth Gundogs is proud to announce the safe arrival of Kizzy's 11 puppies.



Hello, myself and my dogs welcome you to the Brimbleworth website. I am a small time breeder of Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels, breeding for health, temperament, conformation and working ability. I am passionate about raising the best puppies around using a protocol called Puppy Culture and training with positive reinforcement early on. ​I am registered the APDT and part of the SmartPup Breeder Scheme. I also work my dogs beating and picking up on my local shoots, Rectory Farm & Castell Gorfod.


As a professional dog trainer I see the results of breeders not doing enough with their litters on a daily basis, unfortunately these puppies will never reach their full potential as pets or working dogs. I am determined to breed dogs that stand out from the crowd and surpass what the average dog can achieve. No expense is spared when I rear and train my puppies so expect a thorough interview before I will consider homing a puppy to you.


What makes My puppies brilliant


Early Stimulation

Scientific protocols and advanced handling from day one to benefit them in a variety of ways in adult life. The renowned Puppy Culture programme is followed with a  passion.


Broad Socialisation

Puppy socialisation with a difference! Puppies will meet many people, dogs, livestock, cats and more. They will experience puppy parties, car rides, busy towns amongst other things.

Brimbleworth Springer Puppies Dec 2020 S

Expert Training

Each puppy receives individual time with an expert dog trainer multiple times a day. Skills to cope with adult life are taught, including crate training, chew toy training, lead walking, recall, sit, down, stand, leave it and more.